How do I Open an old project that was using cocoon ads plugin?

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  • I tried to open an old project I made in 2015 that used the cocoon ads plug-in and I get the following error message.

    Is there really no way to open the project anyway or have it open the project wile removing the events that use the now broken plugin?

    If not, I guess I need to somehow find the 2015 build of the cocoon js plugin and try to install it in 2019 Construct 2?

  • Install this plugin:

    Then open the project, remove all references to this plugin from all events, and remove the plugin.

  • I found a 2015 version of the plugin and installed it but the same problem. I got lucky and found an alternate version of my app that did not use that plugin.

  • Install this plugin:

    Then open the project, remove all references to this plugin from all events, and remove the plugin.

    Thanks. Luckily for me I found an alternate save of my app that didn't use the plugin. I didn't try with your provided version of the plug-in, but I may if this alternate version of my project turns out to be somehow incomplete or something like that.

  • hello dop2000

    Do you think this solves my problem as well, getting rid of the cocoon plugins completely. I want to clear the construct 2 file from cocoon. but I don't know how to clear these files as code.

  • Did you ask this question a couple of days ago in a VK group? Or that wasn't you?

    You need to remove this plugin from the project, not from the exported game. Do you still have the CAPX?

  • Yes, I shared it in vk group yesterday, maybe help can come from an unexpected place .. I was using ads and in-app purchases as a cocoon add-on in Capx. I deleted them from the project as well.

    but the files in Gorsel 3 are old and always the same ..

    The files in this folder are from the cocoon era. And when I exported the game, I was just changing a few files in the assets section and converting them to apk with the new version number.

    (I want to download Build 3, but it is expensive for me right now due to the USD and Turkish lira exchange rate difference, and this will be my first job when my game income increases)

  • So you don't speak Russian?

    I don't know what "Gorsel 3" means.

    You need to completely remove all cocoon plugins from the CAPX. Then export the project and create a new APK.

    You can not remove plugins from the old exported files.

  • no i don't know russian I mean photo number 3. I want to delete the ones here and create a new apk, but if I delete the files in this folder, how do I get new ones? (When exporting, it only gives me files such as config, sounds, images, c2runtime, jquery in the assets folder) I used to compile it with cocoon. I've been doing the same thing for a long time when the cocoon was turned off. In this folder I was just refreshing the assets folder and putting it on my phone. Then I was updating it by turning it into apk with the apk editor program and throwing it back into the computer.)

  • No, you don't understand. You need to remove these plugins in Construct 2 program. Here:

    Only after that you can export your game.

  • I did exactly what he said. This way I uninstalled the project and deleted its code. After exporting, I put it in the assets folder in the folder in photo number 3 and prepared the apk and updated it. but I got the same warning. Now, my last suspicion is that I think it may be due to the cocoon-related code found in the files in this photo. I want to delete and refresh these files (such as manifest, build-data, classes). If I find a sample build 2 apk and extract its files, can I get it?

  • I don't understand, sorry.

    What did you put into the Assets folder? And why?

  • When I exported the game, I thought that the files I exported alone (config, sounds, images, c2runtime, jquery etc.) were insufficient to prepare an apk. so I was changing what I export the files in the assets> www folder. then I would go back and zip the whole folder to my phone. Thanks to the program, I was updating the version by turning it into apk and throwing it back into the computer. Do you think it is possible to prepare apk without the folders and files in photo number 3? I am not sure if it is possible because I have always done this method until today.

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  • I don't know about the program that you were using to build apk..

    You need to export for Cordova, and then build the apk using one of these methods:

    1. Construct 3 build service (you need to buys a subscription)

    2. Phonegap (probably not working anymore)

    3. Cordova CLI

    4. Enhance (you can use it to add ads)

    5. or maybe some other service

  • The method I am using now is practical and I am satisfied. my only problem. I guess what I need is to replace the folders and files in photo # 3 with new ones. because I think they have cocoon-related codes in them. If you can send me a sample apk, I will extract its files. I replace the files in my folder and get rid of the cocoon codes

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