How do I open keyboard in TextBox on ScaleInner?

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  • Hello. Firstable sorry about my bad english, i'm from Ukraine.

    Secondable - now I developing application on C2. For support maximum devices I use "Fullscreen in Broser = Scale Inner". But! When i compile in with Cocooin and launch on Android device, and tap on TextBox - keyboard just try to open. Keyboard closed automaticly in that second. I can't tap any symbol. What i do wrong?

    If my text is crap of letters - here is video of my proble. Video in not mine, I just find man with this problem, and he does not solve it.

    P.S. It is an application, and I need to show status bar, so in export setting "Hide status bar" is not checking.

    P.S.S In "Fullscreen in Browser - Letterbox scale" - all works ok, but I have two black lane left and right

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