Open CanvasSnapshot in new window?

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  • Hi,

    This sound easy to do, but it just do not work in my game :(

    I have to following lines:

    Keyboard : On S pressed : System : Takes snapshot of canvas(PNG, quality 75)

    System : On canvas snapshot : Browser : Go to CanvasSnapshot in new window

    It do open a new window but no picture is displayed.

    Please help :)


  • Works fine for me.

    Try this.

  • Hi,

    I'm using IE.

    Could it perhaps be a browser setting that I'm missing?

    Your capx project do not display anything either in the new window. :(

    Thanks for your help.

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  • I don't think it's a setting in the software itself. I'm using a fairly new installation of Construct that I haven't adjusted at all, and that was a brand new project with default settings all-round.

    It's likely your browser then. Make sure you're using the latest version of IE or try another browser like Chrome or FF. Compatibility is an issue for older browsers.

  • Hi,

    It is still not working.

    I tride it on various browsers and computers.

    It opens a new page, but it show nothing.

    Should I do something with the url - perhaps add the website where the game is hosted??

    This sounds so easy to do, but I'm missing something.

    Thanks for the help.

  • I'm not sure what could cause this, as it works perfectly for me:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Perhaps this is a bug. I'd suggest that you triple-check your code and if you still don't come right, report it as such.

  • Works fine here too.

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