How do I open a beta capx with a stable build

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  • The latest beta build of Construct broke my audio loops, but I didn't realize until after I had done work with my capx in the new version.

    Is there a way to open projects saved in newer builds with older versions of Construct? I'm showing my project off at a show on Saturday and I'm afraid there won't be a fix in time.

  • From another topic:

    Be warned this can induce errors if your project is using newer features not supported by the older version of C2. That being said:

    1. Go to the project file. If it's a .caporj file, skip step 2.

    2. If it's a capx, unzip it (capx are just zip files basically).

    3. Now, open the caproj file in a plain text editor (I recommend notepad++, get it here).

    4. Look for the following string, minus quotes: "<saved-with-version>". It's only a few lines down from the top.

    5. You'll see this tag has a 5 digit number; it's the c2 version padded with 2 zeros (so, r184 will look like 18400). Change the first 3 digits to match version you want to revert to.

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  • Just FYI, for 'patch' versions (eg. r204.2), you need to change 4 chars (20420 for 204.2).

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