How do I make only the opaque part of an object solid?

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  • I'm creating a game with a whole bunch of different room layouts that repeat many times, and the bounding box around the edges of the rooms changes based on whether or not there's a door on each wall. Here's a quick example:

    Since it's a bounding box, only the red parts are opaque. All of the white would be blank, transparent space.

    As is, each wall uses at least 4 different instances of a boundary wall object that is solid (up to 8 if there's a door on each wall). I have to set the lengths and positions of each boundary wall by hand and it's just a big hassle that takes a lot of time, so I spent some time brainstorming a better way.

    I got the idea that maybe I could use one bounding box object, with each different type of box being a frame of an animation for it. That way I could define each instance easily, instead of manually putting together each wall by hand. The only problem is, I can't figure out how to make only the opaque part (the walls) be solid, while the transparent part (inside the walls) stays walkable. Is it even possible?

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  • I would just build the wall objects to form the rooms, it seems less hassle. You can set the size and type and then spawn it in place.

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