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  • does the touch control support multi touch?

    i ask because lets say for example i make a simple racing which uses the arrow keys to control direction accelleration and braking of the car this would work fine in a browser with a pc and keyboard but if i want to play the game on an android or other tablet mobile device i cant because they dont have keyboard keys.

    so i wanted to add an option to switch on touch based controls if needed and they would look like on some ipad games like this on screen

    <img src="http://i41.tinypic.com/4vllvs.png" border="0" />

    but can contruct 2's touch control handle both inputs at the same time? aslong as the device has multi touch obviously. will it work for someone moving the directional control and pressing the accelleration button at the same time?

  • The touch plugin does support multi touch, its Android browser that does not.

    Try this plugin: http://www.scirra.com/forum/plugin-multi-touch_topic49525.html[/URL, It's just a extension to the touch plugin so I doubt it will work.

  • so the touch control does allow for multi touch and if i made a game with the controls as shown above it would work just fine? but not on android lol. i did test it on my android but my tablet only supports single touch and i guess for that i could add a 3rd option to make the accelleration button behave as an on/off switch for single touch instead of holding it down in multi touch.

    thats great news thanks for the help and ill check out that new plugin aswell :)

  • When native on the device It will probably work that's something you'll have to test, but Androids web browser currently does not support multitouch no. There is a update coming out to support it though soon! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hey,

    I am making using similar controls as 'Maxrpg' and I was wondering did you get your game to work on the iphone and tablets?



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  • It is (was) only androids default browser that didnt support multi touch and I believe thats not even true anymore. And now newer android devices have Chrome which supports just about everything the desktop version does

  • Hey guys, Aridale you are correct the android supports multi touch now, how ever I seem to be having a problem with the Idevices. I am making a racing game for mobile devices and for the controls I have the accelerate and break button on the right hand side and the arrows to steer the car on the left.

    On Idevices the problem is if after I have stopped touching the arrows it still keeps turning left. I have a condition for when you stop touching the arrows it stops turning but it does not realise that I have stopped touching.

    Any ideas?

  • maxp010- that might be more related to the behaviour than touchscreen issues. On slower devices - and even newer ones without updated graphics drivers - there tends to be a 'bug' caused when a browser refreshes slowly, and seems to get 'stuck' on moving a particular direction. When you tap the control again, it should fix it.

    Put a message in your game if you detect that they're having that issue.

    Remember, it's a bug not a feature.

  • Thank you for replying, how would go about detecting whether the user is having this problem, as it just appears they have two fingers down when they only have one?

    Is this a bug with construct 2 or iOS devices? Also would there be a way to increase the refresh rate or any other solution to prevent the "Stuck" problem.

  • Hey Maxrpg did you get your controls working fine for both iOS devices and android?



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