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  • Okay, I'm making a social game of a sort, and I want to use Construct 2 to make the interface for it. The goal would be to track the actions of multiple players (possibly into the hundreds), each day.

    The data bases would need to:

    1) Read the wordpress login data to know who was logged in and load data appropriate to that account (based on their user name)

    2) Read out the player's data for his character's stats into the interface, and read them as appropriate for any actions.

    3) Catalogue the "changes" the player has made, both to his own character, and to the map shared by him and all the other players (Example: If player 1 builds a house in Zone A, then all other players need to be able to examine Zone A and see that a house is there when the 'current state' database updates)

    4) Take the catalogued changes from all the players, and then apply them to the 'current state' database.

    5) Read the 'current state' database, and change the readouts and stats visible to all the players in the game, telling them what has been changed since the last update. This will happen once a day. Each time it happens, the players will have their "Time" (like energy in Farmville for example)refreshed.

    6) Each player will have their own inventory

    7) There will be a global inventory all players can put things into and take things out of based upon in game currency called 'Karma'

    8 *optional*) Monetization options built in. Rather than click on a link and going to a monetization page.

    The game as a whole also needs to:

    1) tell an admin from a player

    2) be able to be altered through the interface. It needs to allow admins to do the following:

    ---->moving location nodes around a map (location nodes would be little pictures on a map that were interactive. Click on them, get a pop up containing a picture of the zone, a set of resources, features of that zone, any players in it, and a drop down containing actions available to the player based upon their skills and the things within the zone)

    ---->change the pictures contained within the popups by uploading them into the system, overwriting older pictures.

    Is Construct 2 capable of doing this? or at least providing a visual interface for this sort of thing? (EG: all of the database checking is done in the background, and all Construct 2 would do is read off said databases or write to them in the case of players doing things) Or should I look for a different engine/scratch build this? (We've already got it partially scratch built, but Construct 2 seems like the kind of thing that'd make creating a nice interface much easier).

    Originally (when we first began planning this a few years ago) we planned on going with Flash, since several of our members know how to use it, but the only people who don't know Flash is dieing are Adobe, and Construct 2 does HTML 5 stuff, so seems like a suitable replacement ehn?

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  • Did you achieve something?

  • I'd say it is possible (don't know about the monetization issue) but just like in Flash you would need the implement many, many things server side and using ajax to retrieve the data.

    Edit: Social Games aren't real time usually, or?

  • bump for interest, am also wondering if it's possible to track overall stats with construct 2.

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