Make online (server based) games?

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  • I am making a fight game like street fighter etc.

    But why should people play it there is enough games in 2D fight category on internet.

    Thats why i decided to make my game online with rooms etc. Its a huge project but i dont want to begin with construct 2 if online is not posible. I cannot find the answer to my question. My question is : Is it posible to make online games with construct 2? Thanks for reading my topic have a nice day..

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  • Not yet, there another solution you can use websocket but the latency isn't perfect, we have to wait when webRTC or something like that is released

  • I think a real time fight game would be to much lag even real companies cannot handle it. But its not even posible to make a little chess game with online mode? Very disappointing...

  • Of course you could make a online chess game (or any turn based game). You wouldn't even need websockets, ajax would be enough.



    Are they planning to make a webRTC plugin for Construct 2?

  • Dayjay

    Do you know a tutorial how to make a turn based online game by ajax ?

  • Just search for 'ajax multiplayer', 'turn based multiplayer' or something.

    Depending on how good your programming knowledge is, it's pretty simple.

    Very simplified Example for a chess game:

    After a player finishes his turn he sends the move he made to the server. Then you would set the player state to "listen".

    The second player (or the player who does "listen") does ask every X seconds if the other player has finished his turn. If yes, get his turn he made and set the state of the second player to "playing".

    Of course you would need some anti cheating measures and you need to validate the move you received.

    It would be better if WebSocket would support UDP or we had something like webRTC, CU-RTC .

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