Online Multiplayer through Steam?

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  • Is it possible? I know Construct 2 has online multiplayer functions, but what I want to know is if it doable when you have your game on Steam as well?

    I recently put up my game on Greenlight and there has been demand for online multiplayer. I'm still new at all of this, so I want to know if it is possible before I even try to attempt it.

    And just to give you an idea of my game, it's a top-down LOCAL multiplayer shooter.

    A little more info on my thread here:

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  • Quick answer - Yes online multiplayer is doable.

    But when you say "on steam" do you mean integrated with steam's matchmaking functionality/friends lists ect.? Then I have no idea how to go about that.

    If you design with the multiplayer plugin, it will work on its own with or without steam.

    Looks fantastic by the way!

  • oosyrag Thanks for the reply and thanks for the compliment. I have no idea on what I might be dealing with so that's why I'm even asking.

    Because from what I assumed, the multiplayer plugin connects browsers together? And everybody just jumps into a P2P server of some sort. Can the multiplayer plugin limit up to 4 players and do matchmaking? Taking to account that I won't be relying on Steam, but my game will be exported as NW.js, does it still work?

  • Multiplayer plugin can limit number of players in "rooms". Matchmaking can be a complicated topic, but the simplest would be something like "Join first available room that is not full. If there are none available, create/host a new room". Here is information about how signalling works: ... pts/page-3

    It is a good idea to actually read all the multiplayer tutorials if you are not familiar with them (really mean ALL of them, not just the first one). Don't worry, they are actually much shorter than they seem. You will get a much better understanding of the capabilities of the multiplayer plugin and what is involved in creating an online game with construct.

    For what its worth, your game being a top down shooter should be very similar to the ghost shooter multiplayer demo the tutorial covers, so you can be pretty confident that it can be done.

  • oosyrag

    Thank you so much for the response. I'll have to seriously look into this and consider it. I've encountered the tutorial but it was a bit daunting and confusing for me so I held off on reading through all of it. Seeing the demand for online, I am seriously considering adding online multiplayer.

  • Hi all !

    I'm new with the multiplayer topic and wanted to know if it is possible with cocoonjs and google play ?

    On Google play they say that the services will be taken care of ,but im not sure how to make it doable ._. pls help

    thx in common ^^

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