Can you make a online multiplayer game?

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  • Hi ppl,

    Can you make a online multiplayer game via Facebook to play with friends?

    Most the forums I checked are MMOS but I mean online multiplayer with your friends so its not a game like WoW but more like a up to 4 players aka friends playing at the same time like playing a multiplayer on a console with friends (using additional remotes) but instead online. I heard of something called that allows multiplayer and may be compatible with C2.


    P.S.Answers would really help me improve my project.

  • yes its possible.

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  • Thank you but how?

  • #websockets FTW!

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    I already know that video BUT can I have a tutorial of how to do it.

    Sorry if I am such a bother to you guys!

  • dude the video is a tutorial of exactly how to do it..

  • You could create a multiplayer-like game using PHP, MYSQL and AJAX.

    The concept is to store the players information (x and y axis, and possible their angles?) inside a MYSQL database.

    In order to achieve this, you send an AJAX post to your webserver with a PHP file posting the current position of player and their angle to a MYSQL database.

    On the other hand, you can call an AJAX request to a PHP file bringing in the new values of players x and y axis and their angle, giving the multiplayer-like effect.

    This coupled with a simple login feature, you could have the basis for a simplistic online game.

    As you said Facebook, using the Facebook plugin feature, you can store the players Facebook ID, which is unique and you can use that to store a players information.


    ID: 1 (primary key, auto increment)

    Player ID (Facebook ID) (unique key)

    X_Position: 650

    Y_Position: 190

    Angle: 90

    The above could be your MYSQL database layout.

  • Thanks and sorry for late reply

  • I read Gamethirstys post but i am a frikkin idiot and dont really understand. Is there any way of making a small capx file to represnt all of what you just said?

  • Here is a tutorial   It also has a capx.

    But mind you, its not the most simple thing to do if you are relative new to consstruct 2.

  • I aint new to c2 but just new to multipalyer stuff!

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