How to make a online multiplayer game

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  • Hello,

    I have a question about construct 2�

    Do you can make online multiplayer games?

    If yes: What's the easiest way to make a multiplayer game as this:

    You have two player, and two computers. You can connect. The first computer plays with the first player, and the second computer with the second player. You can walk around and doing "game things" for instance you open doors, with keys they you found, and so you will leave a level.

    Does it is possible?


  • Construct 2 doesn't have built in solution for multiplayer games. Though it is possible to make them. But you need your own server for running the game and a lot of work is required.

    So if you have no previous knowledge of programming and working in server environments I would not suggest you to do it.

  • I haven't knowledge about programming and servers. But I want to learn it. Does there is a capx of a example online game with a tutorial, so i can learn it. Or does there is another way to learn it?

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  • The problem is that you can't do this only inside Construct 2. You need to do a lot of scripting in Javascript and you also need to set up your own web server which will then communicate with the game itself. If you really have no basic knowledge of web programming I'm afraid you'll have to start with learning some basic HTML5 and Javascript.

    Though I have not read all topics about this so there might be someone who has made a plugin which makes the progress easier. But this is a very very big task to do.

  • Ok�, Thanks for helping

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