How do I make an online eBook-Reader?

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  • Hey!

    First (as always) sorry for my english

    I'm an austrian (not australian) Writer and i would like to make an kind of online eBook-Reader for my site.

    Is this possible? And if yes - how?

    User should click on an book in an shelf - it will be shown "big" - the user can click and read page by page ...

    Okay, this will not be the "big problem". I could make the pages as images, appear and disappear page by page when clicking.

    But how can i use another source as content for the pages (not images)?

    Like an external textfile or html site?

    And change font-size while reading (like an "real" eBook-Reader)?

    Thanks very much!

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  • So, here's an variation of the reader, how i mean:

    (everything is in german, sorry - clicking left/right-side: change pages; clicking bottom: open settings for brightness, color-tone, vignette, reset)

    But in this example i use images for the content.

    How can i use another source for the content, like an text-file or html-site?

    To change images will be a very hard and expensive work. And when i want to set more ebooks online, it will be a big mass of files and space.

    I tested the iFrame plugin, but there i can't change font-size/family (i already set the css-values, but nothing will happen).

    And in the iFrame plugin the text scrolls "normal", like on every website (i want to "scroll" page by page).

    And you can "selet" the text.

    And it always be "on top" (z-order - what i don't want).


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