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  • What type of game C2 can do? Its no matter where I search for but always says HTML5 games (for browsers). Hmmm can he make a PC games also (Im sure he can)? This is a good program but I will stick with CC.

    Have a nice developing....

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  • HTML5 is platform agnostic, so not really a "PC" issue. If you mean exporting, there's a few options in C2, but out of the box, only HTML5, that work on browsers.

    Any game you can do with CC you can do with C2. Basically, anything you feel like doing.

    Of course, there's some easier to make than others. Just try it out and let C2 show you what can you do or just make a concept in it.

    And reading the tutorials also helps.

  • So its not only HTML5 GM. Thanks.

    The only thing which for me its complicated in the program (CC and C2) is the menus. Why they arent drop down? Or have this option?

    Thanks for the answer.

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