One layout, many event sheets?

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  • I can find many treads about linking the same event sheet to different layouts, but...

    What if the layout is almost the same for all the levels?

    Is it somehow possible to just include another event sheet when you go to the next level, on the same layout?

    If not, how will copying the layout say 50 times for 50 nearly identical looking levels influence the file size and memory used?

  • Use the include option in your event sheet to include other event sheets. By default each layout gets its own event sheet. IN that event sheet you can add includes to use mroe events sheets. So for each of your layouts, just go to the event sheet that it comes with and use include to attach your other event sheet. You can also set the event sheet for your layout using the layout properties.

  • But this way the included event sheet is activated instantly (I think).

    What if I want some conditions met before the event sheet is included?

  • You can include event sheets just like normla sub events.

  • Thanks.

    So If I understand your suggestion it's like this:

    group - level1

    include - level1

    group - level2

    include - level2

    group - level3

    include - level3

    And only activate the groups if the level is reached...

    Still that will require a lot of lines if I have 50 levels.. (50 I guess) <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Maybe I should just copy the layout 50 times... what would you do?

  • Maybe the examples listed in the how do I FAQ in the section "Layout" contain a clear answer/hint for your problem ?

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  • I think Bluephaze means create a 'global ' event sheet with all the nuts and bolts on it..and just include that to each level sheet. I tend to do that with all my projects...even going so far as to break global functions up into individual sheets for like...say 'physics' specific stuff, certain game mechanics or separate 'enemy' functions/events/ai on a single sheet then just mix and match depending on what you require for each level..

    So specific events or functions are grouped and given their own event great for me but you gotta be organized and systematic ...think 'plug and play' style component event sheets and you are style:-)

  • Yes.. ty mystazsea, I will do that..

    So, there is no way around having a Layout for each level?

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