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  • 1.

    On start of my layouts I create 3 sprite1 objects: on x: 0, 50, 100

    How do I make that when I press down key only middle instance will go down?


    I have been using Stencyl and decided to transfer to Construct. I have enjoyed beginner course and how to do platform game but is there a continuation, something like advanced course?

    I have plans to make RPG game so I need to know how to:

    • Save/load game
    • text control
    • Control dynamic arrays

    I know there are other tutorials but is there "official" advanced course.

  • Easiest way would be to add instance variable to sprite1 and use it to control which one you want to move.

    If you add instance text variable for them called "name" you can then assign different value for each object, for example: "obj1", "obj2", "obj3"

    Then in actions you need to make a condition. If sprite1 "name" = "obj2" -> move this object

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  • 1/ You can use the System condition "Pick by evaluate", and compare the X of your sprites to take the one you want. "The one in the middle" is rarely the criteria to select though, more like "the one with the highest speed" or something like that, where the System condition "Pick by lowest/highest" will help you.

    2/ No "official" advance tutorial. But lots of tutorials from people.

    For a good learning curve, I would suggest first taking a look the the manual each time you start using a new object type you didn't know. Then, look for tutorials on the specifics you need from those objects. Or just try to do something, fail, try again, ask for help here, discuss the logic behind your problem, understand the solutions that you will be given, ...

    A good way of learning is trying to do your own game. But don't go too big, go after the systems the ones after the others. All the first ideas you gave are simple :

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