One event has to happen before the other

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  • I believe this is very easy but I can't figure it out. I have it so when I click on a button it goes to frame 1 and I want to make it that when I let go it starts the transition and stuff. I don't know how to make it so when I am not touching it anymore it goes to the transition slide. The picture explains it. I want to make it so event 4 has to happen before event 5 can take place.

  • You could use this extra condition:

    On touch end

    palybuttonone - frame is 1

    or just adding the frame is 1 condition to your current event should work too..

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  • So have it like

    Touch ; On touch 0 start; Set animation frame 1

    Touch; On touch 0 end; Transition and Stuff

    The problem with this is that I want to click specifically on the play button for this to happen. The touch events don't work with this.

  • Add another condition..

    playbuttonone - frame is 1

    right click on the event and choose add another condition, the event will only trigger if both conditions are true.

    So is not touching + frame is 1

  • Something like this? This doesn't work though.

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