Use One Condition to Check Multiple Things [C2] [SOLVED]

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  • Hello, all.

    I'm looking for a C2 algorithm for 1 condition on key press that could check 4 things.

    I have 4 elements/sprites.

    "story so far"


    "start a new game"


    They blink on auto in sequence as selections.

    Currently I have this setup:

    if button is pressed (say XPAD D-pad up):

    if anim "blink" in "story so far" is playing:

    <-- set anim "default" in "story so far"

    <--set anim "blink" in controls

    2 other conditions for the other elements

    if anim "blink" in "controls" is playing:

    <-- set anim "default" in "controls"

    <--set anim "blink" in "story so far"

    **This ends up executing 2 conditions because of the resets as opposed to 1**, (1 exclusive condition check is what I need), so the list never goes to the last element.

    I'm guessing this is a pretty common problem in programming, so the solution is just having 1 condition check on key press which checks 4 things?

    No idea how to program this.

    I'm guessing something with pushback array, etc.?

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  • You don't need arrays..

    You can use a simple variable MenuSelected (which stores a number id or a text tag of the button) and, say, a function that will set "Blink" animation for the selected item and "default" for others.

    On button Up pressed -> 
       set MenuSelected to Max(1, MenuSelected-1)
       Call Function UpdateMenuButtons()
    On button Down pressed -> 
       set MenuSelected to Min(4, MenuSelected+1)
       Call Function UpdateMenuButtons()
    On Function UpdateMenuButtons
       MenuButton -> Set animation to "Default"
       Pick MenuButton with id=MenuSelected -> Set animation to "Blink"
    If you prefer working with string tags, this expression may be handy to minimize the number of events:  
    (condition ? result_if_true : result_if_false)
    .....set MenuSelected to (MenuSelected="controls" ? "start" : (MenuSelected="start" ? "continue" : (MenuSelected="continue" ? "story" : "controls")))
  • Thank you.

    That's very interesting.

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