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  • Hi!

    I know there's already something in the FAQ about that but I didn't get it right even if I went right through the FAQ...

    I'm trying to have an animation by direction for my character.

    I have a level with a character in it. I dropped a keyboard object in it and created an event for keyboard UP key with an action telling the my current animation (selected the one I took for in the level) to set animation for the new one but I don't know what to do next so I put .Angle next to it...

    Long story short, When I press the UP key the character moves towards to the top but the animation does not change...

    I wonder what am I doing wrong?


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  • I guess an action "Start animation" should help.

    If not, post your capx, it's hard to guess "in the wind".

  • Hi! Thanks for the help!

    I did what you told me and it does nothing good. Here is the capx. Thanks!

  • OH! NEVERMIND! I just found it!

    The animations window was out of my screen for some reasons, so I wasn't aware of its existence and I had created other objects for the animations. So I wasn't using the right stuff at all!

    Now it is working fine!!!

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