How do I use 'On animation finish' in loop ?

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  • Hi there!

    Because the trigger once 'On animation finish' can not use in the loop condition, so that I find another method instead. But my method seems to be not neat.

    I use Compare frame = Selft.AnimationFrameCount -1 and add one more blank frame to animation.

    Would someone tell me others better method? I don't want to add a blank frame to animation.

    Thank you very much!

  • I'm not really understanding the post but is there any reason why you can't compare frame to the last frame of the animation?

  • You can add an instance variable "animationIsFinished" and set it to true in "On finished" event. And then check this variable in your loop.

  • Hi Plinkie. If compare to the last frame, it will be active when the last frame just appear. But I need them active after finishing the last frame. That is the difference, I think.

    Hi dop2000. That is a great idea :D I will try it.

    Thank you guys!

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  • Ah I see, well based on that info I think the blank frame is a good workaround, but I can see how that would get annoying to do if you are applying the logic to many animations across many objects. Good luck!

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