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  • Please I'm having issues with using my old license when I update my construct 2 version.or do I have to buy a new license?(I don't believe that should be the case). Also, is it me or construct2 is not backward compatible, I can't view programs developed with older versions n newe4 ones and vice versa.Please help!!!

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  • You should direct any queries regarding your license to licensehelp@scirra.com, but basically, when your license is installed that's it.

    You don't say whether you are licensed through Steam or via the traditional key-file.

    I placed my original key-file in the install directory of C2 a long, long time ago and have never had an issue.

    C2 is totally backward compatible. I can open (plugin dependent) any previous C2 program with the latest build.

  • Thanks, but I can't still view capx files from newer versions on my old version, j keep getting the prompt that the dilemmas created with newer of construct2 and I should update.

    And on an attempt to update all I get is a atrial version and my license doesn't work.

  • C2 isn't forwards compatible, which is what you are saying, as newer versions contain different/extra code, so opening a .capx from r139 in, for instance, C2 r132 wouldn't be possible.

    You still don't say how you are registered. Do you update via steam, or just download the latest - r139 - from this site.

  • i install directly from the site

  • I'm still having the issue as i cannot still update my latest version of construct2. I saw this stufff on construct about using your hast number to get a steam number or so and then activating on steam, i was able to get the numeber using my license but i cant still find the activate product option, so presently im still using free edition of r139 as i cannot activate my license. I might just have to go back to the old r114 if i cannot import my license till im able to solve it o buy another.

  • Did you email Scirra?

  • Ok, Just did that. Would let you know the outcome. Thanks a lot

  • Good, because I update, every time a new version is upcomming, my construct 2 and I never got any problem ;)

  • Thanks a lot, I've sorted it out, I actually had a cracked license, my partner sent a wrong folder to me. But I've been able to get the license we paid for and I'm live now on r139. So happy

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