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  • Hi, I'm looking for a way to compile a project made in construct2, it's not exactly a game, it is more like a process-visualizer for the company where I work. The main problems I have are:

    1.-For the kind of information we are working here, I'm not allowed to upload files to any kind of online service to compile it (also all the information must be offline)

    2.- The amount of information (basically photos)is very heavy, I need to show at least 500 photos with good resolution.

    I have accomplished this using NodeWebkitApp.Folder (for the local files) and compiling for PC/Mac/Linux, but I need something similar for Android (maybe using phonegap offline).

    �Does somebody knows a method to accomplish this?


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  • etiher use the CocoonJS Launcher and avoid the cloud compiler,use PhoneGap or GameClosure. But GC has the most setup overheard to get C2 going.

  • Wow,thanks, that was a very quick anwser and yes, I was thinking about using the Cocoonjs launcher, but they want the acces to the "visualizer" to be as simple/direct as posible so I guess I'll try with Phonegap offline(I can't use the online build version for this)

    I didn't know about GC, but at the moment it seems a lot more advanced for what I know about Android and HTML5.


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