how to make an offline application using the C2?

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  • how to make an offline application using the C2?

    There has been a boring message when trying to run offline, how can I fix this without having to return the previous C2?

    I ask because i make a game that run perfectly offline (using "Titanium Studio" that converts to other platforms) and now with the new updates it stopped working and to worsen the file has changed and i can not open it in older versions of C2.

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  • You can't at this moment. You can download construct classic for free so you can build stand alone applications. For now you can export to html, chrome web store, phonegap and scirra arcade. I usume these possibilitys will expand in future.

  • but I have to do it again in CC .. and it is not compatible with my target platforms and not run in low graphic card.. = /

    The C2 r67 work good.. it was a lock, an option that was been lost in my opinion.

  • Caer What exactly does the error say? Can you copy and past it here so everyone can see it?

  • Not quite a mistake.

    Simply the files no longer work offline .. = / Work only online.

    But before work.

    Try execute u file in (file mode) to see. not in (http mode)

  • I just exported a game that Iv been working on in file mode. I ran it offline, and I did get a warning message but it ran ok in firefox. If its not working for you offline you could try downloading WAMP. WAMP will run offline just place all your exported game files in WAMP's www folder, and run your game from there.

  • Have you checked this tutorial ?

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  • The link Kyatric posted tells all, we advertise offline support on our front page because it works really well!

  • Thanks Kyatric! it helps a lot, my application is too large to put online, but with this feature offline.appcache .. actually solves my problem. Also when creating a desktop app with the "Titanium Studio," I have not tested yet, but i calculate that host the game on a server and load the game starting this, it will function as a desktop app. Really thanks! =(^.^)=

    Sorry Ashley, but the screen goes black and the big games does not run. this only works with small files and can not imagine why.

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