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  • I am going over construct wrap feature, but it isn't exactly the way I would like the effect to be. I do not have any capx to showcase because I have no idea to even start this process, so any help is greatly appreciated!

    The effect I would like is the odinsphere like level. Where its a 2d sidescroller, and the level loops left or right. I understand you could always have controls that move the bg left and right while the character stays centered, but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around if you have enemies moving around while your moving around as well.

    odin sphere looped level gameplay (starts right at the beginning)




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  • It looks like you could accomplish this by having a giant level and a ScrollTo behavior attached to the main character.

  • Thanks for the post excal. Unfortunately this doesn't solve the level loop. I was hoping that the level would wrap completely so that the player would basically live in a circular level even tho its a sidescroller. Any other ideas would be most helpful.

  • You could loop everything manually , by checking if the object is out of layout and repositionning it at the other side

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