How do I make objects visable & get viewers

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  • I have 2 questions, completely unrelated but equally important. For one, the objects in my lay out aren't visable. In any situation, I can't see any of the objects until I click on them in the bar that displays all the objects in my layout, in which they're highlighted in blue. The only thing I'm able to see so far has been text boxes. Any way to fix this?

    Another is, once my game is finished, how do I get viewers and people to download the game? I'm not really sure how you get started in the whole process, it's so overwhelming to believe. What advertising is best? What advertising is appropriate and where?

    Thank you for the help

  • Can you attach a screenshot to show what you mean?

    But check these:

    In the Layers tab, make sure your layers are checked in each checkbox.

    In an object's proerties, if you have opacity at 0 you won't see it in the layout

  • Sorry if the images don't work, I'm really new to the forums. I just opened the basic platform template and the blank file is when there are still objects in the layout but none selected. The other file is when I select the tiles and it shows in highlighted blue.

  • Try my suggestions especially the first

    edit: i replicated your screenshot by turning off layers

  • did you put an image on your object? looks like you just made a sprite object and didn't paint it in C2 image editor or import a image therefor there blank

    You should look though the beginner tutorials

    also the manual to learn how C2 works

  • I tried the first suggestions and they were all already the right way. There are images in the game, I've already tried changing them in my other game. Like I said, this is the pre-set platform template I took a screen shot of.

    Note: When I run the game, everything works and the images show just as I imported them.

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  • Try updating your video drivers.

    edit: also post the capx

  • ok have you check to make sure you Graphics drivers are updated?

    edit beaten haha

  • I've attempted to once with the auto-detectors but it couldn't detect what video drivers I had to figure out which one to update. Anyway to manually figure it out?

  • Do you now what GFX card your pc has? also try turning off preview effect in the Properties window. WebGL caused me to have issues like this before with crappy drivers

  • Do all projects do this? Close and re-open C2, do New Project and choose platformer again. Does it still do it? And post the capx..

  • radeon HD 4870

    Not to be irritating, but I honestly don't know how to post capx. This issue has been going on throughout many test projects I made and used to get used to the game. I thought it was normal until I started watching tutorials.

  • Many projects? Ok sounds like pc issues.. And posting a .capx is File menu/Save as single file. Upload attachment, etc.

  • Update: I manually found a way to update my driver and it seems to be working perfectly now. Thank you for the idea and help

  • awesome

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