Make Objects stop following the Character?

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  • Hello, I'm kinda new to construct 2 and I have been having this problem for a long time. It is when I will have a object in my case a physics object and it will follow the character from its original point on the screen.

    Yes I have been scanning the forums for the answer but have been unsuccessful i think i might have been using the wrong terms to search or something.

    If you are wondering what behaviors they both have look below.



    Scroll To


    The "Physics Block"


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  • Platform and Physics behaviors do not work together. If you want an object to follow another you can use the Pin behavior, or just every tick set object1.X and Object1.Y to Object2.X and Object2.Y...

    IF you don't want them to be right ontop of eachother you can do object 2.X+10 or something like that...

    You could also do something like set angle (object1.X, Object1.Y, Object2.X, Object2.Y) if you are using the bullet behavior...

  • Thank you for your response, but I was looking how to keep them from following each other. It is when the phys. object floats and stays where it is on the screen at the start and through the whole game it will stay there.

  • I don't think you're giving enough information. Can you provide a capx? Are both objects on the same layer?

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