How do I Make Objects Randomly Bounce Off Walls

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  • I am trying to convert my game over from gamemaker studio and I have ran into a couple snafus. I will begin with the first snafu to do these one at a time. I have tried eight direction, bullet, and even sine. Nothing is working properly. I tried to do the same as the ghost tutorial but it did not quite work out. If it is something simple I swear I will kick myself. To see what I am talking about you can see the image at

    I am trying to make my objects bounce off the walls I have created, however nothing is working.


    I am also in need of how to make the sprite move in eight directions because I don't see it anywhere. That would probably solve the bounce issue. When I use bullet it just bounces left to right and that is it, no randomness of any type

  • The attached - a quick conversion from GMS - shows random bouncing off walls.

    Is this of any use?

  • Ok, that's most undoubtedly a good start for me. I do thank you very much.

  • The example just uses the Bullet behavior with "Bounce off solids" enabled, right?

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  • Yes but I was not seeing anything where the random was being used in any examples. The bullet angle that is. This is far different from GM Studio and it seems it is better, it will just take some learning for me.

  • GM is not up to par with C2 more talk about and said it was good. I have used it brought it, but comparing with C2 GM is no where near it. Ashley and Co has done wonderful job. keep it up boys

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