does objects with same PNG file share resources?

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  • Hello there and thanks in advance to anyone who can answer, I would like to know:

    • if two objects that use the same PNG spritesheet (or a cloned object) share this PNG spritesheet, in a resource point of view, or do the project duplicates the spritesheets? (making a new copy of the PNG image file for each object)

    Example: I have a PNG spritesheet file I wanna use for a monster. There will be several monsters with the same image, but inside different Container Objects. So I thought about creating cloned objects, but I would need to know if the project will or will not duplicate the spritesheets (it could be heavy on file size).

    Once again, thanks in advance to anyone who can answer. Best regards.

  • Nope. Each object has its own texture.

    If you wish to share textures you will need to either a: use the many instancing functions, object(index), object.uid/ object.iid, an/or families, or b: change the texture via url.

  • Hmmm interesting, so I can preload the textures from a url and then share them for many objects. I will do some more research on this subject.

    But many thanks for clarifying that objects won't share spritesheets. :)

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  • Families would fit better into the b part. heh

    Not a bad idea really, the sharing of resources, might even be on Ashley's todo list.

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