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  • So you know on the right side of the Construct2 screen the top section is for Projects/Layers, and the bottom section is Objects/Tilemaps. So none of my objects are showing up in that bottom sections where the objects normally show up. (I can still see them in the upper section under "object types" though).

    What could have happened to make them stop showing up?

    I've closed / reopened the project and construct2, rebooted, still nothing.

  • A screenshot would help us to see the problem, but a few suggestions:

    Click the 'View' tab on top left of window.

    • Are the relevant options ticked for 'Project bar', 'Object bar' etc?

    Are you on a new layout that you've just created?

    Have you tried 'Reset Dialogs' from Preferences?

    If still no luck, attach your .capx to your post and we can see the problem much quicker.

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  • 'Reset Dialogs' from Preferences did the trick, thanks. It must have been hidden behind something or minimized.


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