About Objects and Layouts in Construct 2

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  • I would like to ask the following regarding Construct 2:

    Suppose I am to create a platformer game where we have the following:

    • Different layouts. Going into another layout gives me a problem. Currently I am not quite sure how to make do with same objects on different layouts. I see that I can copy an object from one layout to another, but I got the following questions:

    1. is my following understanding correct? Suppose we have an object Player. If I change/add/remove behaviors of one Player in the editor, this will apply to all Player in all Layouts, correct? The only thing that can only be different are the instance variables, correct?

    2. Imagine making a game like Megaman where the player has lots of weapons. Each weapon here should refer to one Object type. Currently, I simply copy objects from one layout to another, but suppose I got 20 layouts and 8 weapons, and I decided to add another weapon, is there a way to "globally" add an object type without copying and pasting it over to the 20 layouts?

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  • 1. It would be better to set the player to global, so there's only one player object for all layouts. All objects of the same type have the same behaviors and instance variables, but the particular values of each property can differ between instances.

    2. You don't need to copy the objects to every layout. Object types are available in all layouts, even if a layout doesn't have any instances on it. So you might just want to create the objects in events or something like that.

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