How do I make objects fall (the best way)

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  • Hello, recently I've found myself creating a game, which uses a lot of falling objects from the top.

    Imagine something like falling rain, where single drops appear above layout and fall down to the ground.

    So the drops always fall in the same direction and (to simplify) the same speed (no gravitation).

    My question is: which behaviour is the best for this kind of action?

    I can reproduce this movement with various behaviours, the point is, I'm looking for the "fastest" mechanism.

    For example, I tried using:

    Every tick -> Move forward(speed * dt)[/code:2q357iu2]
    But later I found out, that Bullet behaviour works much much faster. 
    So I started to experiment, for example with Physics with and without checked 'Bullet' in properties.
    I can imagine a lot of possible ways to do this...
    	[li]8 Direction[/li]
    	[li]Hard code[/li]
    	[li]Custom Mov.[/li]
    [/ul]And so on...
    Back to my question, what do you think, which way provides the best performance?
  • Do the objects interact with anything? If not why not use particles.

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  • Yes, they do interact. Main plot is about collecting items falling from the top so I need to use collisions.

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