Objects dissapear when placed outside of camera

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  • Hello, I'm fairly new to construct 2 and I'm having this problem where when there are objects placed outside of the camera area they dissapear when in the game. The character has camera follow which i think may be the problem. it is when i get to that area in the game level its not there but it is visible when in the edit/creation screen.

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  • You should post a capx along with your questions. It could be many things and it's very hard to say without seeing a capx. Off the top of my head, the object could have the "destroy outside layout" property enabled. The object could have some movement added to it and it's simply moving before you get to it. The object could be scaling, set to invisible, set to 0 opacity, fading out etc...

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  • Okay, I will get you .capx file ASAP I just have to strip some things so its just the level that's having the problem. Because I'm doing this for a BIG competition.

  • Sal2929 Can you post what the competition is, please?

    check if the object is not having the behaviour "destroy outside layout"

  • Also, if your objects have a control behavior (platform, 8 directions..etc), be sure the option "Default controls" is 'NO'.

  • The competition is TSA Technology Student Assosciation in the category of video game design. You have a team of 4 and you design a "E" rated game for review. It's a national competition so id say its pretty large.

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