How do I make 2 the same objects colliding without physics

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  • I want my 2 the same Sprites to collide (I use "Solid"), but they just run throught themselves!

    I can't use phisics because of "pathfinding" (I make Physics Immovable and pathfinding doesn't work).

    I hope You know what I mean.

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  • Hello, I'm testing the solid behavior too and i have the same problem.

    Adding the solid behavior to an object is not enought to make 2 solid objects "collide" (don't pass through) ?

    Isn't it the solid behavior task to prevent solids objects to pass through other solids objects ?

    I see that if i add physics behavior on the objects, it works but it's not the solution, i have walls that falls to a side if i add physics on them..

    How to prevent 2 solids objects to pass them through ?

    Thank you.

  • Not really sure what you are doing wrong here.

    Try this.

    Create 2 different sprites and give each one solid behavior.

    Give one of them 8 direction behavior.

    Then move that sprite using arrow keys.

    The solid objects dont pass through each other ?

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