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  • Hey all,

    My game has a LOT of objects (the tutorial level has more than 3000) in it! Most of these objects don't have behaviors or iv's. The game is made to be played on windows/mac.

    Can anyone tell me if to what extend object count matters in terms of FPS/loading time?

    I'm not noticing any delays myself, and my pc is a piece of crap, but I'd like to know if I can continue to build the game this way or if I should take steps to reduce the number.


  • C2 only adds objects to memory when they are needed(whatever is in window). So rule of thumb, what the user sees is what is unpacked into memory.

    Read this manual entry on Memory and Performance.

  • Having 3000+ objects in the tutorial layout alone, tells me you are doing something drastically wrong. Can you upload a capx or screnshot an example of what is requiring so many objects.

  • It's the tiles, scenic objects and background sprites (none bigger than 64x64) that make up most of it.

  • It's the tiles, scenic objects and background sprites (none bigger than 64x64) that make up most of it.

    But 3000+ is excessive. I presume you have a new object for each title/scenic object etc which is the wrong way to do it.

    You only need 1 object for title and multiple instances.

    Spritefonts are better for titles. So 1 object spritefont, unlimited titles.

    You can have multiple instances of objects just drag them out.

    I once saw a guy build a whole checkers board. Each piece was a separate sprite. When all he needed 1 sprite with 2 image frames.

    You won't get performance issues per say, but will increase your download, but more importantly, editing 3000+ objects and you will be editing, over and over and over and over etc

    Make life easier

  • Oh the amount of object sprites is less than 40... I just reuse them to create 3000+ instances... Sorry for not making that clear...

    I actually reused 1 particular object more than 1500 times...

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  • Does that change anything?

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