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  • Hey guys,

    Some Classmates and I are almost done with this game for mobile when we ran into a pretty hefty bug.

    We have a bullet on our credits page that is supposed to make the credits scroll, but that doesn't seem to want to play after the main game layout is selected.

    It works initially, but once you go from the main menu to the game layout back to the main menu and then to the credits page the credits stop scrolling.

    I don't know how to post a capx so let me know if anyone feels they need to see that. I have a Beta build on kongregate with the credit bug in it here -kongregate.com/games/Bohimen/to-the-walls

    The weirdest thing is the credits page has their own event sheet and it only messes up when you go to the game layout specifically. Ideas?

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  • Update-

    I appended the Game ES to the Credits ES. . . works now... I have no earthly idea what or how that screwed everything up, but it did.

    Close whenever.

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