Object visibility and overlap within single layer?

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  • Without promoting or demoting sprites to different layers, is there any way to manipulate which sprites will overlap others graphically? It seems that the newest created sprites overlap the older ones, but I don't want to have to delete and recreate sprites every time an adjustment is needed.

  • You need to look into the z-order options

  • Thanks, but, I'm either blind or "z order options" aren't anywhere I'd think to look. Is zorder just a variable or something?

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  • Right after spawning your SpriteObject, you can create an action of the newly created object. Scroll all the way down to "Z Order". Then click "Move to bottom". That will move your object to the bottom of the layer it is on!

  • Yttermayn You can also activate the "Z Order Bar" by the check box under the View tab.

  • The new Z-Order bar is in the newer Beta versions, it came out after the last stable release. It is also for licensed versions only. It allows you to drag objects behind and in front of each other, even layer to layer.

    For Expressions you can use during the game:


    And there is a new ordering feature as mentioned in the Change log:

    "To add a little extra control at runtime, there's also a new Move to object Z ordering action. This also allows you to dynamically Z order objects behind or in front of other objects, rather than just sending to front/back." (It won't be in the manual until next stable release.)

    That command may or may not be in the free version.

  • Right-Click on an object and you should see Z-order ...

  • Thanks all of you. Looks like right clicking and sending to top or bottom is my most viable option right now. That'll do. I look forward to the day I can afford to upgrade and enjoy the licensed version.

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