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  • Hello! Does changing the option "object time scale" mean that all actions and render draws for this object would be more often or rarely called? If I set this option to 0 for my background, would it be better for my performance? (especially mobile)

  • Object time scale set at 0 basically pauses that object.

    1 sets it back to resume.

    It has nothing to do with performance. It just pauses and un-pauses stuff.

    If you are looking for performance maybe reduce the count of objects on-screen. Too many objects = laggy performance.

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  • [quote:2vh3wlrc]reduce the count of objects on-screen

    The bad thing is I am doing "clicker" game, so my whole game is on the same screen all the time. I cannot destroy objects that not at the current moment in game cause creating them at runtime will cause laggy moments. I just hold them off-screen, it should be right decision but still i have like 1500 objects off-screen and like 300 on-screen. So I have 35-38 fps often dropping to 7-10

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