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  • i am making this game for our gaming programming class, my game is a finger slayer style game and i need help on the mechanics. what the specific mechanic i need is that , when the blade is still dropping you cannot remove your finger on a specific area, if your finger is removed in the said area then the blade should go into the initial position then it will prompt the player to put his finger back to the area to resume the game. i badly need help because as of now i am stumped. any help is appreciated

  • explaining this to the player visually is quite tricky.

    programming-wise, i would create a sprite as collision area where your finger has to stay.

    as long as the finger is on collision with the sprite, the blade keeps swinging.

    when removing the finger from the sprite, you create a text object with the text you want and pause the game by using the command "set time scale = 0"

    once collision with the sprite is true again, set time scale to 1 again and delete the text.

    you probably need to create different groups and/or variables to track the different situations your are in

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  • i do have a sprite that when collided with the blade, resets the score and the layout. to clarify you though my game is guillotine style, where the area on which the head will go in is the area where the finger will go. another idea i had is that when the player remove his/her finger on the area, it will jump on another layout that will indicate the player to put his finger back on the area. but then again the score will reset when i do that

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