How to make an object pinned to another. [Solved]

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  • Hi,

    I know that the title may suggest that my problem is not really a problem but my lack of knowledge on how to use the program, however i have a slight problem when it comes to moving an object with the character all the time.

    I have my Character carrying a Sword (Solid behavior) with him (System | Every Tick | Sword Set position to Character (Image point 1). Image point 1 is the point where my character hand is.

    The Character is connected to a Dummy (Platform behavior). (System | Every Tick | Character Set position to Dummy (Image point 0).

    The problem occurs when the layout scrolls. Then the Sword no longer sticks to the Character but decides to move faster therefore moving to the right/left of the Character, even though it should set position to the character hand every tick.

    The character connected to the dummy works fine.

    I have no idea why is this happening. There are no animations set yet so the origin points and the hand image point is not the problem (also tried to connect the sword directly to dummy and the problem still occurs).

    Any ideas why this is happening?

    Nevermind... the sword was on another layer. Problem solved.

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  • There's an actual behavior called pin. Check it out.

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