How do I an object with physics does not slide on top of a m

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  • Hi!

    I am creating a game with objects using physical behavior, and a platform using sine and fícisa behavior. When a physical object is on top with a sine object, it slides. I've changed the parameters of friction and density and solves nothing.

    You guys suspect the reason?

    This is what happens:

    Thank you!

  • For some reason the physics behavior ignores the sine behavior movements. If you script the movements then the box moves along the platform, but not quite at the same speed. If you use a pin behavior then the box sticks to the platform but other problems rise. Here is an example capx to display some of the above.

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  • Nice, eli0s. I also thought about creating using the PIN, but this leaves the movement of unnatural objects.

    But I think this is really the only way.

    Thanks for capx! (:

  • You're welcome!

  • I managed to alleviate this problem, adding the VelocityY platform in VelocityY of the object above the platform.

  • Nice, although I don't understand why the overlapping is on the X axis. For the most part it works though. Some issues remain when the blue box is on the left/right edges of the platform. But these might be irrelevant with your actual gameplay mechanics

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