How do I make an object not to stop.

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  • Hi,

    I made a simple game using Drag & Drop solid platforms and a ball

    The problem is that when i stop the ball (speed = 0) with the platform and wait for like 1 second the ball will be freezing, and I can't move it anymore even if i move the platform from under the ball.

    Could anybody help me fix this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Could you post a screenshot of your event sheet or link to your capx ? Maybe you're setting the speed to zero every frame.

  • Zed2100

    Here is the .capx ... U1SlU/edit

    If you stop the ball with a little help from the metal platform, it will freeze if the ball has stoped.

    Thank you.

  • Try setting up a condition to return the speed to the ball in case it's not colliding with the wall

  • Ok , i think i made it.

    The problem was with the collision ( i set it up on bounding box and all done)

    If anything appears I will let you know

    Thank you for support.

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  • RayKi


    The problem was't solved sorry, i don't know what did I do wrong but it appears again.


    P.S. I reupload the link above.

    Thank you

  • The ball physics seems to be working just fine. I don't think I understand what exactly you're trying to do D:

  • the bug your talking is not from the ball hitting it, but when you drag the brown block and with it try push in the blue block the ball then its getting stuck, for some reason the physics engine has serious problems from way back, so i wold try see what wold that be but im pretty sure that's a physics object bug, on some other games i have, the balls or circle bounded objects, if they move to fast can pass through any object on screen even if it has 1000 height and width and has immovable physics, i see your Romanian i can talk with you in private if you want on skype gamecorp[dot]tm

    fixed your problem, what i did is basically creating a gravity point for the scene, the actual gravity seems to fail, when you push the ball against any object and not only that 1, so i applied a force of 10 everytick at towards the bottom of the screen , so that way if the physics will fail to pull down the ball then the ball itself will try push itself downwards here is the capx, and also avoid using solid behavior and physics both on the same object, once you have physics there is no need for solid, solid behavior works best with platformer behavior witch doesn't recognizes physics immovable objects as being solid that's why the solid behavior its there, placing solid and physics on (solid state objects) its going to create glitches

    here is the new capx fixed Download

  • Ok, I've sent you a pm.

    Thanks for help, problem sovled.

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