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  • How do i put the name of an object (in a family) that is clicked, into an array.

    Intention is to change the object based on another corresponding object being clicked

    1. Player clicks object "001"

    2. Destroy object skin"&array1,1"

    3. Array 1,1 set to objectName "001"

    4. Create object skin"&array1,1"

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  • This may not be the best way to go about doing this, if someone has a better way to achieve this function please share :)

    so right now, it is seeming like the easiest way to do this is to do this

    1. Card Clicked

    2. Send Card animationName to array1,1

    3. Set sprite animation to Array.At(1,1)&"Idle"

    which would mean I would store all the different forms in one object... which means I could put make all the cards the same object also and try to set a random animation between certain values or something for the cards, so the same object drops for the player but it is a random animation... not sure if that random part is possible in C2 or not...

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