How do I Make Object move relative to another object

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  • I want to make one object and its a player sprite and it moves (like in a platformer) but theres this part where I want it moves onto a disc that goes in a circle and I want the player to move WITH this object but maintain its own movement position relative to the others.

    So if you move off the disc (i. e. not overlapping) you fall(well play death animation anyway) and if you are still overlapping you can move around the object WITH the other objects movement (meaning relative to it, like we are relative to this planet and dont fly off because we are under the effects of its gravity)

    so how do I do this without using physics? i want to do it with just math and X and Y to save CPU.

    basically i want a small sprite to move with a larger one but still maintain its own x and y pos relative to the larger image and be able to move around while on it but can also move off of it. anyone know the simple mathematical formula to remember for moving an objet relative to another objects movement or speed ??

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