How do I make my object on another layer move?

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  • The fire object is on the uppermost layer, but keeps getting stuck on the bricks on the lower layer - though it's not connected or pinned to anything.

    When I encountered this, I added another object and then set the fire to it and pinned it to. But that didn't fix anything. So then I put a layer between the fire's layer and the brick's layer, but that didn't work either.

    EDIT: Testing platforming out, and whenever I land on a platform, the entire screen shakes. My hero has a sprite and invisible animation block, so it shouldn't be happening. What's going on?

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  • i spend some time to figure out what you want to ask, and i still dint get it..what is fire object? can you rename the sprite inside the capx

  • As far as I am aware, all collisions take place on a Layout basis and all Layers are part of the Layout, so what you expect to happen doesn't seem possible.

    Just because a Layer is in the foreground or background doesn't mean it won't collide with other objects.

  • Objects in different layers don't touch each other unless one object in one layer is attached to another object in another layer, and the game isn't suppose to shake when I touch platforms. So why the fire object is touching the platforms and why my hero makes the game shake when he touches platforms is beyond me, I consider it a bug at this point.

  • you are using 8 Direction and Platform there for one should be disable before using other.

    On start of set ignoring input 8 direction

    Stop ignoring the other Platform and when you want 8 Direction then you should use

    Start ignoring Platform and Stop ignoring 8 Direction

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