Make an object glow on mouseover?

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  • This seems like it should be a 'derp' question, but I'm brand new to Construct and don't really know anything about programming, either. I'm attempting to create a point-and-click hidden object game, since I thought it would be a relatively simple way to start. Anyway, I read through lots of tutorials and forum posts and I can't find anything related to this. If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate the help!

    For clarity, I have a background (the area the player sees) and a mouse object. I then put a sprite on a new layer, and I want that sprite to glow when I mouseover it. I've tried animations and fx, but can't get anything at all to happen when I test run the game.

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  • Give the object FX - Brightness, then make a script that says "On mouseover (object) = brightness enabled" and "(X) On mouseover (object) = brightness disabled". Use the invert command on the second script. Combine with tint effect for various colors as well.

  • Thank you Ashodin! I did what you said and I understand it, but for some reason when I run the game still nothing happens. Perhaps it has to do with my mouse input? My understanding is that I just have to add a mouse object to the layout and the rest takes care of itself. Is this incorrect?

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