Object generation(Sort of randomly)

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  • I have a little game which i think is amazing : ), I published v1.1 on Facebook, But I completely redesigned the game, Got most of the logic down but i need a little help with my last piece..

    Basically i need to generate obstacles randomly but not that random.

    I know i sound dumb but look at this demonstration,

    It's one of them never ending games, Which are purely score based..

    So i need to constantly generate terrain,

    so i want to be able to set up a few challenges, for example"

    O = Cloud -----


    1.   O       O

         O OO   O     OOOOOOOOO

         O OO   O    O

    OOO   OO   O   O    OOOOOO

            OO    OOO    O      

    OOOO OOO        O


    This is just one random example, but then hopefully if it works, Then the game could randomly generate a random course..

    This would be ideal if construct supported XML.

    Maybe im just being a 'programmer' Thinking this way but feel free to offer me a better solution! Please.

    Oh and I know the most logical way would to be Just make the level in photoshop or something, But Basically if the user collects say 5 stars they go on a frenzy and are able to kill the clouds, so i need to be able to destroy each individual cloud on collision.

    If you want a clearer understanding of what i mean, check this game out.

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    I know this game does not do what im trying to do, But im pretty sure there levels are generated through XML

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  • The little images i drew with text did not come out as it did whilst editing it so just check the link please.

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