Object Following Camera - "Ghost" mode?

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  • Hi guys,

    I've a hovering camera following my player, and it seems to be working well... except it gets stuck when trying to follow another player and there's a solid object between the two. Now I got a work around working that uses the jump-thru attributte instead, but is there anyway to make my camera object float around regardless of whether an object it's about to go through is solid or not?

  • Can't you move the camera with a behavior that doesn't respond to solid objects. Or perhaps you could do the camera motion with just events.

  • Hmm.. tried the idea out, got rid of the 8-direction behavior and just used +- operations on the camera position. So far it looks all right. You think there's a performance hit between using the 8-direction's simulation control vs. directly manipulating the x and y axes of the camera?

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  • You probably wouldn't notice any difference. But just controlling the X and Y should be less performance heavy as far as I know.

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