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  • Hi~

    I have an issue about the camera following~

    I searched manual and frequently asked question~

    But seems no luck on this~

    There have topic which teaches how to create lifebar~

    But didn't have "how to follow camera"~

    It's a top down camera viewing game~

    I have a player which can move around with "8 direction"~

    And the player is applied "scroll to" behavior on it~

    I need to set a lifebar(etc...) by following the camera~

    Here's my event sheet~

    Every tick, set lifebar position to~

    X: windowWidth/2+300, Y: windowHeight/2~

    I think by this the lifebar will keep following the camera~

    But actually it's not, the lifebar still stay on same location~

    It won't follow the camera~

    Is there any way to acchieve this "camera following"?

    Hope somebody can help, thanks you~ ^^

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  • Put your HUD elements on a layer with parralax 0,0. Did you follow the beginner's tutorial?

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