How do I make object floating using with physics

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  • Actually my question is how C2 physics engine really works. I'm trying to make an object floating in the air. My approach is applying upward force in the same value as the weight. I calculate the weight is object Mass times gravity acceleration. So i just applying a force in upward direction and theoretically the object should stay in the air because the total force upward and downward is zero. But the result i got is the object flying fast in upward direction. Anybody knows why this happen?

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  • only apply the impulse one time, you event may be triggering everythick.

    To maintain in the air, the easy ways is set gravity to 0 and stop it right after.

  • Thanks for fast reply TELLES0808.

    I don't want to use impulse. The output is different. Since physics object affected by gravity every tick so i want to reproduce the force upward so my object will not fall. Sorry i forgot to tell that i don't want to use zero gravity either. I want real world physics. Because later I will apply force from different direction too and the object will fall if there is no force upward. I make this post because i failed to do simple physics logic about neutralize vertical force.

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