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  • I have two problems with fading that I've not been able to work out on my own. 1.) Getting an object to fade out after it fades in. The closest I've been able to get is to have it fade in when the event is triggered but I can only get it to immediately turn invisible instead of fading out. 2.) Getting one object to fade in when another is clicked. All I've accomplished there is making it fade one step for each click. So you have to click 100 times to get it fully visible! I haven't even gotten to how I'm going to get that to fade out once it's fully visible.

    The objects are "text" boxes (they aren't really text, they are objects made with the Spritefont plugin). I want them to fade in, stay long enough to be read then fade out. That's it but this simple thing completely eludes me.

    I'm not a coder, I'm an artist. Please be gentle. ;)

    The .capx file.

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  • If I could ask you to please remove the custom plugins before you upload, that way more people would be able to help!

    (Make sure you alert me with sqiddster when you update so I don't lost this thread).

    In regards to 1., however, why is the fade behavior not appropriate for you?

  • sqiddster But I'm using the plugin on the object I need to fade. Won't that break it?

    As for why I'm not using the fade behaviour - The fade out part doesn't work if the player sprite moves off the trigger (overlap). The object simply disappears. There is no way to make a fade out happen on an event. It looks glitchy and bad. And wait time is a set number. You can't make an event (or lack of an event) make the behaviour pause. The fade behaviour is very limited.

  • If that's the case, that's fine I suppose. Sorry, I don't have the time to help you right now, maybe later ;)

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