How do I Make a object draggable by mouse?

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  • Not in construct 2 but the game i am working on needs physical solid objects the player can drag and drop into one place on the playing field but not affected by gravity... this also needs to be acheivable on ios and android as i am rewriting my game "Feed The Alien Pizza", i figured i would need a simpler engine and one that would not complain about a resource overload in game maker studio and i clearly had no idea what i was doing with that program, so i made the jump to construct 2 as it is easier to use and cheaper to afford i am, hoping to buy the personal edition next year...

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  • The drag and drop behaviour can do this.

  • thanks can you point me to a tutorial video any where on how to find this behavior and use it? so will it be able to collide with other physics objects? you see my game needs a cloud that the player can click on then next the cloud pops and the pizza falls from the cloud down a candy ramp(draggable object) and the pizza must bounce and slide along the candy ramp and make its way to the alien, then the alien eats the pizza and if the level is completed within a time limit a star or 2 or 3 are awarded(based on how much time was used if the timer falls below 1 minute the player must restart the level if the pizza falls off the edge of the screen the same result as less than 1 minute) on the level select and the player then unlocks another level until they have finished all 500 stages but in the demo there will be only 50 stages...

    how ever i do plan on adding more obstacles and themes for the 10 groups of 50 stages and 250 types of obstacles and i am selling the full version for $8 on steam, $3.99 on app store, $1.99 on google play store. If you can help me out here i will personally add you to the credits and once i have made more than $6000 i will hire you and put you on the pay roll...

    Ok i know how to add the drag and drop behaviour but what events and actions do i need to use to get it into motion?

    ok never mind that i know what to do now but what i want is for it just to be able to be moved around with no actions after dropping other than playing a sound...

  • Make the object a solid, and be sure to change your collision polygon.

  • thanks but now i am having trouble adding audio to my game... not only that when the object has been dragged to a spot on the screen it refuses to play the sound file, or atleast that would be the problem provided i could add the audio...

  • Does this help?

    add audio object to your game..

    add sounds to the sounds folder..

    drag and drop on dropped - play sound

  • the problem is when i start a blank project it does not show the resources tree with the sounds folder there...

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